Goldtooth is Hiring!

We’re always on the lookout for new talent to join our creative team whether you have years of experience under your belt or have just graduated from school and are starting out your career. Below is a list of our current job openings, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we will hold onto your application for any future openings.

About the Studio

“We are storytellers.” Goldtooth Creative was founded on these words in 2008, and we have been guided by them ever since.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, Goldtooth is a boutique production studio and creative agency who specializes in trailers and cinematics for the games industry alongside narratively-driven film and television projects with a strong 3D animation and VFX component.

Working at Goldtooth

At Goldtooth, we pride ourselves on supporting each other as artists and visionaries while developing a team who are passionate about creating the most engaging and visually spectacular films.

Our doors are always open and we want our team to feel comfortable being themselves while collaborating and contributing their creative abilities to our exciting projects.

Current Career Opportunities

Rigging/CFX Supervisor

The Rigging/CFX Supervisor leads by example and sets the quality standards for all rigging and cfx departments. They will coach, guide and provide feedback to artists ensuring detailed and high quality work is delivered to other departments in the pipeline.

The Rigging/CFX Supervisor will also establish themselves as a key member of the leadership team and build relationships with all Supervisors and Leads. They will develop cost effective bids and take an active role in the development of our rigging technology.

In addition, the Rigging/CFX Supervisor will play a hands-on role and work closely with animators to design a set of controls that support all of the desired range of poses and behaviors. Scripting is often used to construct more sophisticated rigs, so you must have good programming skills.

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Unreal Technical Artist

We're looking for a Vancouver based Unreal Technical Artist who has experience with the Maya/Unreal pipeline. The ideal candidate will know how to move assets to and from each program as well be able to assist the pipeline team in establishing tools and workflows for the studio.

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Digital Matte Painter (DMP) Artist

We're looking for a Digital Matte Painter (DMP) Artist (VFX Artist) to join us to help create matte-paintings and set extensions, either standalone or to be integrated into both photo-real and stylized live-action environments.

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Rigging Lead

The Rigging Lead adds controls to digital characters. These controls are used to position, move, and pose the models. Rigging requires an understanding of anatomy and expression, and riggers work closely with animators to design a set of controls that support all of the desired range of poses and behaviors. Scripting is often used to construct more sophisticated rigs, so it is valuable for a rigger to have good programming skills.

The Rigging Lead is responsible for creation, revision, maintenance and support of the digital assets, responding to guidance and review notes from the Director as well as Creative and Technical Supervisors and Directors. Digital assets must meet standards and specifications with respect to appearance and aesthetics, user interface, performance, and robustness.

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Mid – Senior Rigging TD

We’re looking for a Senior Rigging TD to join our Vancouver studio on various exciting projects. You will be working alongside our CG Supervisor to create controls for digital characters. You will also be working closely with our Animation team to design a set of controls that support all of the desired range of poses and behaviors required for these characters.

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Senior FX Artist

We’re looking for a talented Senior FX Artist to join our team to develop and produce high quality FX work that meets the challenges of productions deadlines. The ideal candidate will be able to problem solve and work within a given framework, while creating efficient technical workflow solutions that meet the guidelines of a given production. Most importantly, you are able to engage as an enthusiastic team player and follow creative direction to assure all FX efforts achieve their visual target.

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Senior Producer

The Senior VFX/CG Producer at Goldtooth manages the production from the beginning to the end, working in partnership with the Director and reporting to Studio Upper Management for all deliverables. This position is accountable for the daily maintenance and adherence to the production schedule, for the management of the production budget and responsible for communicating regularly with the Client to ensure deliverables are on time, on budget, and on target.

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Sr. Production Coordinator/Manager

The Sr. Production Coordinator/Manager serves under the Producer, to coordinate the various groups and personnel that come together in production. The position requires adept organizational skills, resourcefulness and the ability to handle a multitude of tasks simultaneously under often high-pressure situations. The Production Coordinator/Manager serves as the gatekeeper of company policy and is responsible for ensuring the rest of the production crew follows the requirements of the Studio. The Production Coordinator/Manager is responsible for the day to day communication between production departments, the centralization of the production information and the tracking of production progress.

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